X-Ray Referral Service

This service has been developed at the request of breeders and owners who wish to know if their dogs have a disorder of joint development that is predominately genetic or acquired.

The service we offer is designed to allow breeders to make their own informed decision regarding including or excluding dogs from their breeding lines.

Acquired conditions may be responsible for poor hip or elbow scores; these processes must be considered before diagnosing a genetic abnormality.

The Pupscan team of veterinary and human orthopaedic specialists working together will view and report on your submitted x-rays.  We will work with you and your vet at your request to assist in any decision that may be required for the benefit of your dog

Please fill out the form below to request a review of your X-ray. The price for the review is £40 which is converted to the relevant currency at checkout.

If you are having trouble filling in the form online please click this link to download a hardcopy and pay.

Price: £ 40.00
£ 0.00


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