A meeting took place last week between members of the Pupscan Project team, the Irish Kennel Club and the Scientific Commission of the Belgian Kennel Club (SRSH) at their offices in Brussels, Belgium which was enthusiastically received by all present and generated a lively and productive discussion. The Pupscan project is researching the factors leading to abnormal hip/elbow development in dogs and aims to separate predominantly genetic from the many acquired conditions that damage joints causing ‘dysplasia’. Speakers for Pupscan included Pamela McKenzie-Hewitt who gave a brief overview about the project followed by Gordon Maclellan MB BS FRCS who outlined the various non-genetic conditions that can lead to abnormal hip development. Prof Prof Alan Fahey from University College Dublin spoke about the genetic and data analysis that will be gathered for the project and Prof Vivian Gath, also from UCD spoke about nutrition and it’s impact on skeletal development in young and adolescent dogs. Jim Stephens, Chairman of the Health & Welfare Committee of the Irish Kennel Club was also present and he expressed the support of the Irish Kennel Club in the project.
Photo Caption:  Pictured at the recent meeting at the Belgian (SRSH) Kennel Club in Brussels are Prof Alan Fahey, UCD, Paul and Jean Lawless, Pupscan Project, Jim Stephens, Chairman of the Health & Welfare Committee of the IKC, Jos De Cuypers, President of the Scientific Commission of the SRSH, Pamela McKenzie- Hewitt, CEO Pupscan Project, Gordon MacLellan MB BS FRCS, Research Director, Pupscan Project and Prof Viv Gath, UCD.