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National Show Centre, Cloghran, Co Dublin
Ayrshire Collie Club 
Hurlford community centre
Cessnock Road
Kilmarnock KA1 5DD

For details telephone Joan 01555 840922

Feed Back on the Seminars

"What an awesome seminar the PupScan Project was yesterday. The whole basis of the research is based around the question " if we are hip scoring dogs and then removing those with high scores from the gene pool then why has hip Dysplasia rates and hip score results not fallen significantly in the last 50 years? " Surely if all these dogs with poor hip scores aren't being bred then where is the "inherited hip dysplasia " coming from? I truly urge dog breeders, those who show dogs and those who just love dogs in general to attend a PupScan seminar.".....

Patricia Thompson (Newfoundlands)


"Thank you putting on such an important seminar. I am so pleased to of attended the explanantion about the Pup Scan Project. It was so interesting with all the slides showing different hip displasia and how it will all work. If and when I have a litter it will be something I would do"

Kathryn Milham (Border Collies)


"The Pupscan Project has to be one of the most exciting scientific projects to hit the world of dogs in many years.

When we are constantly being told dogs must be fit for function this projects heralds potentially huge steps forward in that area.
As a breeder of many years I will be wholeheartedly supporting this project in any way I/we can and look forward to the future results that this project will produce !"
Robert Harlow (Border Collies/Australian Shepherds)

" Thank you for your extremely informative Seminar last Sunday, I learned more than i expected to and personally cannot wait to read your collected data in a few years time. I will be making sure to have any further litters i may have scanned as i believe it can only be of benefit to decent breeders to have this kind of information about our dogs to improve the health and welfare of future generations of all pure breed dogs"...Donna O'Reilly  (Maltese)


"Very interesting and informative seminar, brilliantly presented, highly recommend it to anyone involved in dogs"..Oonagh Quinn (Shih Tzu)


"We attended PUPscan Project yesterday. Very informative excellently presented and most importantly a way forward for breeders .
We at agacamp will certainly avail of this project when we breed a litter later in the year "

Gay Dunne (German Shepherd Dogs)


"I just wanted to say what a super seminar it was in Dublin. I was very impressed with the work that your group is doing to identify and de-mystify the whole hip dysphasia thing. I was particularly impressed with the information Gordon gave us"

Alyson Roberts (Pyrenean Mountain Dogs)


"Fantastic day of learning and insight!   If you haven't attended one of these seminars then all I can say is do one!   I'm sure you will walk away with information that gives you a better understanding and you'll want questions answered of what has been trained into us for many years: That's a fact.  Keep up this important work" ..Jackie Thompson (Rottweilers)


" Thanks to the organisers most interesting and hopefully an important step forward"

Mary O'Donoghue (Labrador Retrievers)


"Was a wonderful event and really enjoyed it. The amount of information was outstanding"

Sonia Fennelly McGrath (Great Danes)


"Very interesting and thought provoking seminar"......Avril Lancashire (Afghan Hounds)


"This sounds brilliant".....

Louise Patterson (Swedish Vallhunds)


"I think this is going to be an interesting and promising project. I fully support it".....

Marianne Benton (Collies)


"As far as we are concerned anything that can improve the well being of our dogs is a good thing.  This new venture as far as I can see and understand is non invasive, not stressful in any way to the puppy.  I am booking my litter in to be tested"......

Robert Harlow (Australian Shepherds & Border Collies)  


"Anything that improves the health and well-being of our dogs is a good thing and should be supported good luck to PUPscan"...

Yvonne Lewthwaite (Cocker Spaniels)


"This sounds such a fantastic idea. Having had two dogs (one as a small pup, and one just under a year) having to go through multiple anaesthesia to diagnose and then anaesthetics to later spay the dogs, I would have leapt at the chance to have used this method".......

Suzanne Gittins (Border Collies)