What is PUPscan?

The Pupscan Project was established in early 2015 to research the factors leading to abnormal hip/elbow development in dogs. The project aims to separate predominantly genetic causes from the many acquired conditions that damage joints. Using the most modern diagnostic Ultrasound technology and a precise measurement analysis of the whole hip, a non-invasive imaging technique has been developed to evaluate puppies within the early months of life. This will establish the presence or absence of normal healthy joint development.  


Following three years of research studying 43 breeds, over 3000 hips and elbows have to date been scanned. This includes the six most ‘at risk breeds’.  


An integral part of the project is the longitudinal study during growth and development. This will be done in consultation with University College Dublin.


The Pupscan process

Pupscan will continue to research and monitor hip development throughout the life of dogs with the emphasis on the first few months of life and at skeletal maturity. Pupscan is producing evidence-based analysis of hip growth and has identified vast differences by breed and gender which are to be further evaluated and defined.


Pupscan will work in consultation with University College Dublin School of Agriculture and Food Science and School of Veterinary Medicine. Professor Alan Fahey based at University College Dublin will head the genetic and data analysis from information gathered by the project. He will be accompanied by Professor Vivian Gath who will lead in environmental, nutritional and anatomical influences. We anticipate that biomechanical influences will also require analysis.


We will continue to gather data from you, the breeders and the litters you breed, recognising the exceptional knowledge you have acquired over many years.  This will enable us to create evidence-based guidance for both breeders and puppy owners to minimise the risks that lead to premature disabilities.



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Pupscan Academic Centre

Ireland to be the Academic Centre for the Pupscan Research Project

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2017 was a busy year for the team. To date we have scanned 43 different breeds ranging from......

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November 14, 2016


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