Pupscan Project

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Thanks to our Donators

With thanks to our Donators

We very much appreciate those breeders and clubs who have made donations towards funding the cost of the research project.  Currently the project is being self funded and every donation, no matter how small, goes a long way...thank you.

Southern Border Collie Welfare

North West Golden Retriever Club

Robin & Sue Searle  (Surlson) Great Danes
Karen Angier (Bilyara) Border Collies
Petra Tomasovicova (Roan wish) Irish Wolfhounds
Jemma Harvey (Rottamore) Rottweilers
Simon Bridges (Barrassy) Irish Wolfhounds
Annette Walters  (Coytre)   Border Collies 
Jeanette Hunter Rottweilers 
Lyn Anderson -  (Linchael) -  Golden Retrievers
Dr Larry Roberts -  (Gloi) -  Golden Retrievers and Flat coated Retrievers
Ms Marie Ward -  (Warrimead) -  Rottweilers
Mrs Terri Mason - (Alkido) - Rottweilers
Mrs Carley Wiltshire -  (Caleykiz) -  Border Collies
Mrs Donna Beaty -  (Malitac) -  Dogue de Bordeaux
Mrs Pat Ward -  (Starside) -  Border Collies
Mrs Marianne -Benton -  Smooth Collies
Mrs Ann Hardy - (Amhard) -  Glen of Imaal Terriers
Mrs K Jebson - (Austmans) - Australian Cattle Dogs and Malamutes
Mrs Jennifer Hunter -  (Jagerspride) Rottweilers
Gary & Yvonne Lewthwaite (Naval) Cocker Spaniels
Karen Angier (Bilyara) Border Collies
Robert Harlow (Birkcross) Austrialian Shepherds
Jemma Harvey (Rottamore) Rottweilers
Simon Bridges (Barrassy) Irish Wolfhounds
Roy Brandon (Lornaville) Alsations
Bev & Streve Hucker (Bevanray) Rottweilers
Torren & Jess Vick (Vickdogues)  Dogue de Bordeaux
Mr N Sirett (Brooksir) Rottweilers
Ms J Haigh (Jaqary) Rottweilers
Olga & Bryan Barlow (Olgayans) German Shepherds
Donna Wiltshire (Caleykiz) Border Collies
Mr & Mrs P Tibbs  (Zeleski)  Dogue de Bordeaux

Jean and Paul Lawless (Revloch) Belgian Shepherds 

Joe O'Callaghan (Mapleridge) Bernese Mountain Dog

Mary and Martin O'Donoghue (Philipstown) Labrador Retrievers
Tom, Marion, Ian Finney (Gulliagh) Irish Wolfhounds
Derec and Michelle Nevin (Leevindane) Great Danes
Mr G Leask (Rottweilers)
Mrs Jackie Thompson  Jantavia (Rottweilers)
Mrs L Prendergast (Dogue de Bordeaux)
Marianne Raister Dunne (JRT and Curley Coated Retrievers)
Annie Taylor (JRT)

Mr & Mrs Ogden (Shibastone) Bullmastiff and Japanese Shiba Inu
Mrs Laura Wiltshire (Caleykiz) Border Collies
Sonya Fennelly McGrath (Valkyrie) Great Danes
Rose Dooley (Ballyfrawley) Great Danes)
Caroline Reynolds (Glenariff) Pointers & Dachshunds
Clare Burnett (Mon Cher) Bouvier des Flandres & Mini Schnauzers